Welcome to Plato Academy, the Academy of Small Deeds! We offer medical, therapeutic, scientific and cultural lectures, workshops, trainings and further education on a high-level scale. Start your personal enhancement with our team, as we are consulted by people who really want to change something..

Our Offers combine Expert Knowledge and Humanity

Theme Academic medicine and complementary medicineAcademic medicine and complementary medicine

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Mental health and zest for life - Academy BonnMental health and joie de vivre

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Science and innovation - Academy BonnScience and innovation

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Sprache und Achtsamkeit - Akademie BonnLanguage and awareness

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Colourful Pictures of Ourselves

There is only one way in the scope of possibilities that serves our lives properly: the development of the full range of potential we are capable of.

What matters are our capabilities and their effect on other people.


“Reading a little and trying things off one’s own bat is not enough, or he who thinks it is enough must be a sad creature.” – Ludwig Hohl

  • If there is an open mind towards medicine and your chances,
  • If there is irritation from our claim,
  • If there is gratefulness for new opportunities,
  • If there is uncertainty how to find us despite physical distance,
  • If there is care for the people entrusted to you,
  • If there is consternation about not making enough room for new things to know,
  • If there is zest for sharing scientific topics,
  • If there is joy of designing language,
  • If there is hope for discovery,
  • If there is curiosity about our offers  and our academy team,

… you will find confidence in Plato Academy and alignment with pictures of yourself.

Unser Leitmotiv ist die Entfaltung des eigenen Vermögens und seine Wirkung auf andere. Ethische Arbeit für den Anderen ist unsere Basis. Die Plato Academy ist für uns ein geschätzter Ort wahrscheinlicher Geschichten.
Our guiding principle is the development of your own assets and your impact on others. Ethical work for others is our base. The Plato Academy is for us a valued place for probable stories.

Ludwig Hohl, worker and thinker, said:

„A large idea? No, better, a large deed! No, better, much better, a small deed!”

The Plato Academy is located at the Bonner Bogen, working with clients in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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